Endless Fun at our Winter Camp in Scarborough

Do you want your kids to go to day camp? Then our play centre is certainly the right solution for you.


/ day per child

Sibling Discount Available

  • Ages 4 - 12
  • 8:30am - 4:00pm
  • Plenty of Fun Activities
  • Meals Provided
  • COVID Protocols In Place

How Our Day Camp Could Benefit your Child's Development

Play offers cognitive benefits and it also helps them to learn dexterity and spatial awareness. It also benefits them physically. Play aids motor development by encouraging movement while helping them to support their balance and gross motor skills. You can expect to see benefits in their energy, body awareness, flexibility, stamina and more! Play also offers social benefits and emotional advantages. Fun games help a child to understand the emotions they are experiencing. If a child was to win a game, they would then learn how to process excitement for example.

Do you want your kids to be able to go somewhere, blow off some steam and just have an awesome time? Maybe you're on a budget and you want to treat your kids to some activities, but it's just too much money to get everyone involved. Either way, we have the solution for you. When you come to us, you'll be glad to know that we have discounts available for siblings and that our prices start at $50 per day. We are open to all kids aged between 4 and 12, and they can stay with us from as early as 8:30am to 4pm. All meals will be provided by us, and we follow Covid protocols too. We will be able to give your child the fun activities they have been craving, while giving you the assurance you need to know that they are safe at all times.

Arts & Crafts

Your child will be overjoyed at the amount of crafty options we have available. Children will be able to work on their motor skills and complete sensory activities, like making slime, with our wide selection of crafts. We want kids to get hands on and express their creativity while at our camps.

Indoor Playground

Our indoor playground is designed to be safe and suited to all children. Your child can run around and really let out that excess energy, in our playground. It's bright, fun, clean and full of climbing walls, tabletop games and ridable vehicles. There is something for every child in our playground!

Laser Tag

If your child is older, they will love our laser tag section. Help defend the galaxy in our large glow in the dark laser tag arena!

Outdoor Sports

If the weather is bright and the sun is shining, your child can run and play various outdoor sports, from basketball to soccer to baseball, we have something for everyone!

Science Activities

Does your child have a thirst for knowledge? Maybe they are intrigued by the way things work? Either way, we have plenty of science experiments and activities for them to enjoy. From making slime to baking soda volcanoes, we're confident they'll have a blast.

Contact Us

Our play area in Scarborough has something for every child. A word of warning, when they come to us, they won't want to leave! It's a healthy, fun and exciting environment for them and it'll help with their cognitive development too. Want to find out more? Make a booking today at 416-750-1337.


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