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Virtual Reality Entertainment

At Just For Fun, we have a state of the art virtual reality (VR) technology providing the most realistic experiences to all our guests . Guests can choose from a variety of VR games to play.

Not really into gaming? You can still have a stimulated experience. VR applications not only include gaming but various other forms of entertainment and educational material as well. It has something for everyone. Ask a member of our team about how you can maximize your VR fun experience.

Activity Rates
Individual Play $10 for each half hour
Group play (3-5 players) – subject to availability $8 pp for each half hour

Glow In The Dark Laser Tag

If you have been to our laser tag room previously, prepared to be blown away by the upgrades that have been put in. The glow in the dark laser tag has been transformed into a themed space featuring areas like an overgrown Toronto cityscape, avatar world, underwater wilderness and much more! The themed space will allow for a whole new variety of games to be played in groups of all sizes*.

*subject to availability. Please call us to book for groups of 10 or larger.

Activity Rates
Set game play $5 pp – 12 minute game
Group play open $5 pp – 12 minute game
Group play private (up to 20 people) – advance booking only $100 – 30 minutes
Package play (10 passes no expiry) $40 pp

Gaming Den

Our brand new gaming den is designed with the ultimate player in mind. With comfortable booths, top of the line headsets, TVs and gaming controllers this is the gamers dream come true! We are loaded with all the latest games catering to both casual and competitive gamers.

It is more fun to play in teams with your friends so get out of that basement and enter our “den”.

Activity Rates
Per hour rate $7.00 per person
Team Play (2 players) $10 per hour
Team Play (up to 4 players) $20 per hour

Activity Combos

Check out our combo deals to enjoy multiple activities during your visit (because there is no such thing as “too much fun”).

Combo Rate
Super Fun Combo:
Any two of the following:
– 1 hour gaming den
– 30mins virtual reality
– Two 12 minute laser tag games
Ultimate Fun Combo:
All three of the following:
– 1 hour gaming den
– 30mins virtual reality
– Two 12 minute laser tag games


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