The 15 Best Kids Activities for a Birthday Party

A group of kids celebrating with graffiti in the air.

Are you looking for fun birthday party activities for kids?

Everyone wants their birthday party to be fun and memorable. But it is all too easy to end up doing the same boring party activities year after year.

We are here to help. Read on for 15 of our best kids activities to make your little one’s party the talk of the neighborhood.

1. DIY Photo Booth

In this age of technology, most kids love nothing more than taking silly pics with their friends. A DIY photo booth will let them create instant memories from their own point of view. They can use the props, dress up, and have fun with filters for an instant hit.

2. Balloon Stomp

A great energy burner is balloon stomping. It’s a last-one-standing game where players run around with balloons tied to their legs. The aim is to keep your balloons but pop everyone else’s.

The winner wants to be the only player with an intact balloon left attached at the end. You could make this a team event or organize it into rounds.

3. Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

There are a lot of options you can do for a treasure hunt. It can be pirate-themed or not. Whatever you choose, have a detailed story that will ramp up the excitement.

And it can pit all the kids against each other in a competition or you can do teamwork. Teams can work together to work out clues or pit different teams against each other for an extra thrill.

4. Ping-Pong Toss

Set up 15 solo cups on the floor or table in a pyramid shape. The inside of each cup should have a number written in it from 1-5 to mark the points. Then put some tape down on the floor to mark the point where players have to stand.

This can be solo or done in teams, with each kid getting 5 ping pong balls to throw. For each ball that lands in a cup, add up the points for a total score.

5. Balloon Tennis

Safe for indoor spaces, a game of balloon tennis won’t wreck your valuables. It’s easy to set up, but guaranteed to bring a laugh.
Place a strip of tape or rope down the middle of the room. Then kids need to hit their balloons over this. Or, you can play a game of who can keep the balloon up in the air for the longest.

6. Puzzle Search

This is a little like a treasure hunt, but you can do it indoors. And kids are hunting for large puzzle pieces instead. Have teams go around hunting their pieces. The first team to find and assemble their puzzle wins.

You can have prizes for the winning team, or you could make the prize “cake time”.

7. Musical Hula-Hoops

A bit like musical chairs, but without needing a removal company on standby. Place one hoop per kid to start on the floor then let the music play. When the music stops, they need to get in a hoop.

After each round, you remove a hoop. If a kid can’t get to a hoop, they’re out of the game.

8. What’s in the Bowl/Box/Hat?

What’s in the bowl is a game where you fill up a container and hide objects in it. Each kid takes a turnto try to find as many items as they can in the shortest time.

If you want to do this, you need to keep the other players in a separate room where they can’t see or hear. Keep score, and the highest one wins.

9. “Thief”

If you’re looking to calm a group of rambunctious kids down for a bit, this is great. It’s a game where all but one player must be silent.

One player must wear a blindfold, and the guard a heap of treasure. This can be a bowl of candy. Other plays have to try to steal it without getting tagged or called a thief by the blindfolded player. The person with the most candy at the end is the winner.

10. Slime Making

Slime making is a huge hit with kids these days, and there are plenty of kits on the market.

“Fluffy slime” is the best indoors, as it’s not as messy as other types. It’s easy to play around with and customize with beads and glitter too. Set up slime stations for kids to mix ingredients and customize their creations.

11. The Candy Olympics

You don’t need to run a marathon for the Candy Olympics don’t worry. Set up 3 candy stations. This can be bobbing for marshmallows on a string or a relay race using strawberry laces for a baton.

Or a candy Chopstick Challenge. You see how many candies you can get in a bucket across the room using chopsticks to hold it. Whatever you decide on, time each team and the fastest wins.

12. Dress-Up Race

Teams compete in a relay to put on as many clothes and accessories as they can in a set time. The team with the most items at the end wins.

For themed parties, you can theme the items too. Or you can include other tasks as part of the relay as well. Like taking an item to another location for the next team member that they have to wear. Or performing an action to tag the next member like a dance.

13. Skating with Wax Paper

You don’t need to hire an ice rink for skating fun. Wax paper on a kitchen floor is a great way to let the kids skate, dance, and it’s sure to cause a lot of laughs.

Wrap and tape sheets of wax paper around each foot and find a smooth floor to ‘skate’ around. Put on some music for a “figure skating” dance competition. You can even have medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

14. Paper Bag Puppet Fun

Set up some Kids Products or puppet-making kits so kids can draw, stick, and make their bag puppets. You can also provide templates for extra help and inspiration.

Once the puppets good to go, set up a makeshift stage. Then you let the puppet theatre extravaganza begin! You could even vote for the “best dressed” puppet or “funniest act”.

15. Indoor Hopscotch

Let the kids decorate squares of cardboard on the floor with the numbers painted on.

Once the squares are on the floor organized right, you let the kids get straight to hopping. It’s another great activity that’s fun but will burn off all that sugar energy.

Best Kids Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

So there you have it! Whatever the weather or circumstances, with these 15 best kids activities, the party is sure to be a hit. Whatever your kid’s interests, there is something that will appeal to everyone.

If you’re looking to plan the perfect kid’s party, contact us today. At Just for Fun Party Centre, we’re here to meet all your kid’s party needs.